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Hi, Sarah here.

I want to use the blog to let you know about what's going on at Inky Doodles, in my head and in the wider world of stamping and papercraft so that you too can be inspired and create something amazing!

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With the help of the wonderful Caroline Shinnie I hope to be able to show a card or project with instructions most days.

Tell us what you'd like?

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I'm in the process of designing some smaller stamp sets - approx 3 x 4 inches, one lot of eight designs nearly ready to go, but not sure where to go with this next, if any of you have ideas as to what you think might be useful then please let me know. Would you like to see more sentiments or verses perhaps? I've shied away from these a little in the past assuming that you already have them but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.  Whilst I can't guarantee your ideas will actually become stamps, simply because everyone has such different ideas,  I will try my best to accomodate everyone and consider them all.  I really do appreciate your input x

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  1. Sue

    Loving ALL your products would love to see smaller sets of stamps to create scenes. Taking elements from other stamp sets. E.g Small sheet of the various toadstools and flowers (from the woodland and owl sets.) woodland animals like the snails and other ground animals. I often like to create and build up a scene but to always buy a large sheet of stamps ( much as I would like to!) is just a bit much fort needs. Or maybe even small individual stamps:- a mushroom, a snail, a woodland flower, or any other individual element from your stamp Sets. Hope you don't mind these ideas. As I said I love all your stamps and always look forward to seeing your new products. Sue

    Posted on

  2. Lynne

    more natural looking boy stamps like a boy riding a foot scooter...scooters are the thing at the moment...

    Posted on

  3. Marian Evans

    Hi. I've just spent a few hours stamping with my collection of your stamps whilst waiting for the 3 new sets I ordered a few days ago. You ask for suggestions - well I would love to have a selection of stamps for boys, the same as Donna. What about tractors ( I live in an agricultural area and love the sheep and chicken stamp) and cars or anything else along those lines. As I am Welsh, a selection of Welsh sentiments and words would be fantastic as they are very very scarce. I'm more than happy to give you the wording. Many many thanks. Marian

    Posted on

  4. Margaret Williams

    Hi Sarah, What about a fabric effect alphabet? I think these would complement your other stamps well. Your stamps are lovely and so different to other stamping ranges. Well done Sarah! Margaret x

    Posted on

  5. Donna

    Need stamps for boys cards. Things like shoeprints, bike tyre treads, mud splats etc. Small accents that can simply be stamped anywhere on card for older boys - skateboards, bikes etc. Gap in the market for these.

    Posted on

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