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Hi, Sarah here.

I want to use the blog to let you know about what's going on at Inky Doodles, in my head and in the wider world of stamping and papercraft so that you too can be inspired and create something amazing!

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With the help of the wonderful Caroline Shinnie I hope to be able to show a card or project with instructions most days.

Inky Doodles website goes live!!

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Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

Welcome to our brand new website, brand new business, and such brand new products that well, erm...they aren't actually on sale yet. The polymer is still setting  on the first large batches of stamps as I write. Samples, artwork, prototypes, packaging, TV screen tests and deadlines have consumed me for the last few weeks, as much as the actual  design work did over the summer months, but it hasn't been quite as much fun!  It's been a long road and it's so satisfying to reach the first milestone, I'd like to say a big thank you to all those people who have encouraged me to keep on going.

My big hope for Inky doodles is that I can encourage and help people to get some of the same joy that I experience when I'm stamping and making cards, scrapbook pages and the like.

We will have an 'official' start to the site at 9am on Thursday 18th October to coincide with my debut on Create and Craft TV. Details are on the TV Show page, so I won't duplicate the details of how to view, or the feelings I have about it.

I don't want to duplicate the homepage either, which you have probably read already - it tells you the bare bones of who I am and what I'm trying to do. One of the really key things I want to emphasise here though is how passionate I am about getting the product right. From the materials, which are the best I'm aware of, the manufacturing process which I've carefully monitored, to the designs which are my real baby. I'm not here to tell you they are better than anyone else's - there's so many great products out there, as well as a lot of not so good. They are just me... and my take on what I enjoy - the styles and the design elements - the endless fun of mixing things up - colours, techniques, arrangements, materials, you just never quite know exactly where you are going until suddenly, you have that amazing moment where things just look right. Sometimes it's about more, often it's about less, things just click. and that's the magic. That's the thing I'm so excitied about trying to pass on to you.

So I hope you will be inspired and create something amazing!






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  1. pauline

    swell done sarah fab create/craft show bought all your stamps could not resist o dear. carn,t wait to have a play

    Posted on

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